How many times have you boarded a plane, been all ready to pull away from the gate. And the pilot comes on the intercom to glumly alert everyone of a maintenance issue?

When you think about in-flight Wi-Fi. It’s likely you’re wondering if you’re able to stream a movie – or maybe just browse Twitter. But Wi-Fi can also help avoid those frustrating delays.

Luckily, airlines plan to upgrade now. With 86 percent of airlines are planning to invest in the Connected Aircraft over the next year. While 95 percent are expecting to make purchases over the next five.

Our new aerospace survey revealed these three pain points the industry can solve with connectivity:

Pain point 1: Maintenance effectiveness

Aircraft Maintenance

Problem: Maintenance issues routinely cause airlines to ground aircraft minutes before departure. Passengers get told over and over that their departure has been pushed back with no clear sense of when they’ll be able to take off. These delays cost the industry hundreds of millions of dollars a year and contribute significantly to passenger dissatisfaction.
Solution: With predictive maintenance enabled by connectivity, airlines can know when to fix a part of the plane before it’s even an issue. That way, the fixes can be scheduled to avoid causing airline operations and maintainers. To scramble at the last minute while passengers get increasingly frustrated over the delay.

Pain point 2: Fuel consumption

Aircraft Refueling Hose

Problem: Fuel prices are on the rise, and when that accounts for 20 percent to 40 percent of an airline’s operating costs, it can have a big effect on the business. If airlines can reduce the amount of fuel used. It will make a dramatic impact on the bottom line, not to mention being better for the environment.
Solution: By using Connected Aircraft technologies, airlines can streamline fuel usage by flying more efficient routes. Connected technology onboard allows pilots to adjust in real-time to changes in weather that affect flight courses and altitudes.

Pain point 3: Aircraft turnaround time

Aircraft View on the runway

Problem: To keep passengers happy and costs on track, pushing back from the gate in a timely manner for on-time arrivals is important.
Solution: With something as simple as software on an iPad, ground handlers have a virtual checklist. That help them run through their list of to-dos before the plane can push back from the gate and take off again. And faster turnaround times keep schedules on track.



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