A Chinese pilot used a helicopter to open four beer bottles caps mounted on poles in five minutes in a challenge TV show. The challenge demanded contestants take the tops off bottles of beer fixed to poles. Without damaging them, using a bottle opener attached to the helicopter’s skid.

Chinese helicopter pilot Zhao Yang managed to pop off four beer caps in five minutes — setting a national record. With a bottle opener fastened to the aircraft’s skid, Central European News reported.

The stunt was premiered on the latest episode of Chinese reality show “Challenge the Impossible”. Which saw Yang set the record for his calculated performance in Beijing.

The bottles were fastened to poles and the contestants were challenged to open five bottles in five minutes without causing any damage to the beers.

Despite Yang’s record-breaking feat, the world record still belongs to Germany’s Jan Veen. Who opened four bottles in three minutes on the show “Wetten Dass?” (German for “Wanna bet that…?”) in 2008.

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