Prince William and Kate Middleton really are just like us! (Sort of.)

Being a member of the British royal family certainly comes with travel benefits. Sure there are a few really strange rules they must follow when they travel. But, generally, life appears to be a succession of high-profile jaunts around the world, taking in the sights and, on at least one occasion, being noticeably charmed by the locals.

But that doesn’t mean that members of the esteemed family don’t have to endure some of the same travel-related bother as us commoners. Kate Middleton and Prince William have both been known to fly economy — British Airways is, naturally, their go-to choice (Kate’s mum used to work for the airline).

And all members of the royal family have to go through immigration and customs control — although they are fast-tracked through it. So too do they all need a valid passport to travel. Everyone that is, except Queen Elizabeth.

That the queen is an exception to the passport rules makes sense if you have ever seen the inside of a U.K. passport. British passports are, in fact, issued in the queen’s name. The inside cover states that Her Majesty’s Secretary of State “requests and requires in the name of Her Majesty… to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance.” Basically, she is a passport.

The queen has been to more than 120 countries in her 65-year reign. While it’s neat that she never once had to show a passport, we can’t help thinking about all those fun stamps she’s missed out on.


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