New York is a bustling metropolitan city, with three major airports servicing the area but which airport of them is considered to be the best to fly into? Two are international airports while the third operates primarily short- and medium-haul flights. These airports are New York-JFK, Newark Liberty, and LaGuardia airport. All three have their strengths and weaknesses. So, which one of them is the best to fly into?

JFK airport

When most people are thinking of a New York airport, JFK comes to their mind. This conjures up images of a crowded airport with long delays, aging terminals, and a logistical nightmare has given the sheer number of passengers the airport serves. Some of JFK’s terminals are getting some upgrades and realignment during this time.

Newark Liberty

United operates a hub out of Newark Liberty. This is one of the largest hubs in their system and they operate a fair number of routes giving the possibility for lots of connections. However, Newark’s Liberty Airport is actually located in New Jersey. Some people could find this way to be a harder way to reach the airport and of course they choose to avoid it. In addition, Newark is heavily disliked. Bloomberg has a report that in 2019, Newark Liberty was the worst major U.S. airport in a survey they made.

LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia primarily serves short- and medium-haul flights. This is perfect if you’re traveling domestically. Also, LaGuardia is much closer to places like Times Square than the other airports. If you’re looking to save more money, LaGuardia is the best.

Although LaGuardia is smaller than the other two airports, you will have a little less walking to do as the airport is not as complex as others.


At last, we can say that the best airport for you in New York depends on your choices and preferences. If you’re looking for international connections across multiple airlines, then JFK is a good choice. For those who considered being Star Alliance fans, Newark offers a lot of Star Alliance flights where you can earn a lot of miles. And, if you’re just flying to New York City, LaGuardia will help you so much save more money on transportation to and from New York City.

jfk airport


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