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A Comprehensive Country Codes Information

Below is a comprehensive list for each country of the world such as country codes, ISO codes and many more. This list will help you find the dialing codes you need to make a long distance international call around the globe.

Almost every country in the world has its own unique country calling code.

Click on a country name and you’ll find helpful instructions on how to call this country using its country code, as well as more detailed information about that part of the world.


Helpful Tips for Making International Calls


  • Suppose you are in the USA and your EGYPT friend gives you his cell number which looks like this: 010 2302 3000
  • To call your friend dial the following: 011 20 10 2302 3000
  • 011 is USA’s exit code and 20 is EGYPT’s country code; the initial zero we have removed from the cell number above is EGYPT’s national trunk code
  • We could have used the plus sign to replace 011: +20 10 2302 3000