The new automatic visual docking guidance system will cut back delays through faster turnarounds. While simultaneously heightening safety, as part of Eurocontrol’s Europe-wide initiative. Dublin airport is installing the new system (AVDGS) on all aircraft contact parking stands.

AVDGS (automatic visual docking guidance system)

AVDGS is an electronic display on top of aircraft parking stands that provides real-time data to pilots as they’re parking aircraft on arrival or pushing back for departure.

The new system has an additional safety feature with an infrared high-definition camera that scans the aircraft parking area for any potential objects that could affect the security of the arriving or departing aircraft. This camera detects massive objects on the ground like equipment or baggage, which may block the stand and cause knock-on delays.

This data means that airline baggage and ground handlers can get to the aircraft faster to ensure quicker aircraft turn-around thereby helping to cut back potential delays for the airline and its passengers. It additionally means that the aircraft and its support vehicles are not running engines unnecessarily, which in turn can help cut back carbon emissions from the airfield.

AVDGS (automatic visual docking guidance system) additionally enhances the role of airline marshals who guide aircraft onto and off the parking stand. The marshal inputs key data such as the aircraft type and other flight information into the AVDGS. Which automatically gauges aircraft clearances, stopping distances, and records the exact on and off stand times.

These recorded times feed directly into the Airport’s collaborative decision making (A-CDM) system. A-CDM focuses on aircraft turnaround times and pre-departure sequencing processes. To boost air traffic flow and operational efficiency of all airport operators by reducing delays and increasing the predictability of events.

Eurocontrol’s Europe-wide initiative

It is a Europe-wide initiative under the guidance of EUROCONTROL, the European organization for the safety of air navigation.

The smart AVDGS system is additionally equipped with a low visibility function permitting aircraft to park in very poor visibility conditions. Such as the mist and dense fog, thereby reducing the risk of delays in inclement atmospheric condition.

Dublin Airport managing director, Vincent Harrison, said: “AVDGS is another example of technology enhancing airport processes that deliver huge advantages for the airport, its airline customers and passengers. it’s a tried and trusted system of improving airport safety and efficiencies and supports Dublin Airport’s continuing drive for sustainability.”




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