In 2019, Emirates completed the reconfiguration of its last Boeing 777-200LR aircraft.


The airline invested USD $150 million in converting the 10 Boeing 777-200LR aircraft in its fleet from three to two class cabins featuring wider Business class seats in a 2-2-2 format and a fully refreshed economy class cabin.


The reconfiguration of the ten craft was executed absolutely in-house at Emirates Engineering’s state of the art facilities in Dubai.

The Engineering team spent a total of over 160,000 man hours on the project, working with more than 30 suppliers and handling over 2,700 spare parts at any one time.

On average, it took concerning thirty five days for the team to utterly strip and reconfigure one craft.


The first Boeing 777-200LR with the new configuration was unrolled for industrial service in March 2018 and over the course of consecutive twelve months, Emirates completed the conversion

of the remaining nine aircraft in the fleet.

The project was completed virtually 3 months before schedule.

Customers will expertise Emirates’ invigorated Boeing 777-200LR from variety of destinations across its international network together with city, Santiago, Sao Paulo, and Adelaide.

Ambitious fleet renewal

In line with its formidable fleet renewal programme, Emirates is also in the process of retiring the last two Boeing 777-300 classic aircraft in its fleet.

A6-EMV, delivered in Feb 2003, has now been phased out of the Emirates fleet and A6-EMX, delivered in June 2003 will shortly also be removed from commercial service.

With the retirement of the Boeing 777-300 classic aircraft, Emirates’ Boeing fleet will be composed of the Boeing 777-300ER and the newly refreshed Boeing 777-200LR fleet.

What is Included?

Emirates’ fleet renewal programme for 2019 includes retiring a complete of seven older Boeing 777 craft and taking delivery of six new airliner A380.

Emirates operates one in all the youngest twin-aisle airplane fleets within the international aviation trade sanctionative the airline’s customers to get pleasure from a superior expertise throughout their flight.

A younger craft fleet additionally permits for higher fuel potency and different connected environmental advantages.

Boeing 777




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