Flight attendants are also privy to a wide array of human behaviors, some of which would challenge anyone’s people skills.

From experiencing the thrill of adventure to taking amazing vacations at little or no cost, there are a lot of unique perks to being a flight attendant.

But the job comes with its challenges as well.

Delays and flight cancellations, 4 a.m. wake-up calls and sporadic hours, weekends and holidays spent working, and long work commutes top the list for many.

1-The Horror Of Flying

Many think being a flight attendant is glamorous. As you get to travel around the globe, stay in the best hotels and meet people from all walks of life…but then there’s the dark side. One flight attendant says that a woman once complained about the noise the engines were making…as they were running, to FLY THE PLANE!

2-Grooming Habits

Attendant Liz Corcoran says one passenger handed her a tissue filled with their snot!. Another time, a woman plucked her hair and then asked that it be cleaned from her tray! News flash: this is not the SALON people!

3-Smell My Feet

Seriously who wants to sit next to someone with their disgusting feet propped up like their on the couch at home?. Come on people, we all have to do better when traveling, it’s just common courtesy. And if your one of these horrible passengers, don’t be surprised if your flight attendant is just as rude to you!

4-Passenger Shaming

Thanks to Instagram page ‘Passenger Shaming’, we finally get to see just how GROSS people are on flights, and it’s much worse than you think. Just look at what was left over on this flight!

5-Ambien zombies

People who find it difficult getting to sleep sometimes take Zolpidem (Ambien), which is taken to cure insomnia. But taking it on a plane can lead to some rather strange events. One of the flight attendants called ‘Betty’ writes on her personal blog ‘Confessions of a Fed-Up Flight Attendant’. That she’s seen people streaking down the aisle totally nude or falling like an axed tree.

6-Strange item requests

Betty also writes that she’s been asked a number of strange requests while up in the air. Such as a pen to clean their ears with, a screwdriver to take the seat apart, and a cup, lid, straw and knife to make a catheter.





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