May 31, is the International Flight Attendant Day that recognizes the dedicated members of the flight crew. Who rise early, stay late and remain alert throughout the flight providing comfort, care and reassurance of the safest travel.

Crisscrossing the country and circumnavigating the globe, these members of the cabin crew come well prepared and trained for an array of circumstances, most of which could occur at 35,000 feet in the air. A crisis rarely takes place and as a result, they are able to provide the best midair hospitality available while making sure we arrive safely at our destination.

The flight attendant's role


International Flight Attendant Day (It is also known as the International Cabin Crew Day).

International Flight Attendant Day has been celebrated on May 31 in several countries for many years. In Canada, it is celebrated since 2015.

A Flight Attendant Job

Working as a flight attendant was once a fairly glamorous job, and in some parts of the world it still is. However world travel itself is no longer as rare, so the job lacks some of the mystique it once did. And since travel is no longer the province of the wealthy. And has become much more democratized, that too has lowered the status of those who work in air travel.

In the regulated era of US airlines, carriers competed over how much they could give to passengers since they weren’t permitted to compete on price. Planes, too, weren’t nearly as full. Now with passengers being given fewer amenities (other than in flight internet and entertainment choices) and seats more crowded and closer together passengers aren’t even happy.

Working as a flight attendant has been transformed over the last 40 years from high status to much lower status in American esteem. One day a year though we’re supposed to re-elevate the role. Yet somehow I’ve never really internalized that May 31 is international Flight Attendant Appreciation Day.

American Airlines is providing food and beverage in mainline and regional flight attendant crew rooms, and offering on board treats.

flight attendant work

Safety professionals deserve our thanks

CUPE Airline Division President on May 31 2016, encourages passengers across Canada to express their gratitude to these in-flight safety professionals.

The flight attendant’s role is critical for ensuring passenger comfort and safety. Flight attendants offer outstanding service, but their in-flight contribution hardly ends there. As safety professionals, they are always ready to act if danger arises. From medical emergency, fire, violent passenger, evacuation, depressurization or any other event.




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