ISAQ Aviation UK intends to open a branch in Egypt for flight training, according to ISAQ Aviation Egypt Chairperson Ali Baiyoumi. The branch aims to train approximately 200 people annually through seven aviation companies in Europe and Asia contracting with ISAQ UK.

According to Baiyoumi, the flight training costs $55,000 for each pilot and will range between eight months to two years and will cover accommodation and transportation outside Egypt.

ISAQ provides 500 flight hours per person to enable them to work for international aviation companies since the flight time requirements for pilots are at least 500 to 1000 flight hours.

The company vows to provide jobs for its trainees at international aviation companies contracting with them. “The company is obliged to provide these jobs and in case it failed to meet this condition, it will refund the cost of training,” Baiyoumi said.

ISAQ technical consultant Pilot Hani Bishay said the cost of flight training at ISAQ is lower than other flight training in Egypt. This increases the competitiveness of the company to attract new trainees. To introduces them to the labor market in the Middle East. Which has been witnessing significant growth in expansion rates of planes during the last period.

Baiyoumi said ISAQ UK will not only launch the Egyptian branch for training. But also will establish Air Charter under the title “Wings of Egypt” to service tourism inside and outside Egypt. The company will need investments not less than $50m and will have two helicopters.

All approval requests of the aviation company were submitted to the associated parties in the Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Investment. All the details of the new company will be announced very soon. Also, the shareholders of the new company are Egyptian.

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