Ground Handling

The Ground Handling Services Quality Of Our Company Is Unmatched !

Over 25 years of profound professional experience in providing ground handling services to International Airlines flying to/from Egypt from the four corners of the globe. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by seeking perfection in absolutely everything we do. This search for perfection has become an integral part of our corporate culture, “both in the air, as well as on the ground”. As a result of this, AN Aviation services CO. is considered one of the leading companies for Ground Handling services in Africa. The reason for our continued success in this area is quite simple – we endeavor to create long-term partnerships built on mutual trust, respect, and integrity, not only for our clients but also for our partners. With AN Aviation services CO. Credit Facility, your crew doesn’t need to travel with cash as sometimes it can cause complications in some parts of the world. (Please note that a lot of stations do not accept payments by credit card). We know all the charges applicable at each location, thus you avoid paying any extra or hidden fees which are often charged by some handlers when your aircraft is on the ground.

We provide all services that an aircraft needs during the period it remains on the ground, not as others can do in five different operational areas; passenger service, ramp service, flight operations service, load control-and engagement, cargo and mail service, representation and supervision service. All your ground handling needs.

Ramp Services

  • Aircraft meeting and Ramp Marshalling.
  • Load & Offload the airplane.
  • Equipment support.
  • Provision of GPU, Air Conditioning Unit, Air Starter and Aircraft Push-Back Tractor service.
  • Internal cleaning.
  • Supply the aircraft of toilet and water supplies.
  • Passenger and crew transportation among airplane and the terminal.
  • Storage of pallets, containers and other unit load devices.

Flight Operation Service

  • Flight permits and airports slots.
  • Directing and delivering of the flight plan to the cabin crew.
  • Contracts with fuel and airplane catering companies.
  • Preparation of weather forecasts and navigation information and delivering to the cabin crew.

Load Control and Engagement Service

  • Cooperate with airplane servicing units.
  • Directing and delivering of flight documents (general declaration, loading instruction, load sheet, manifest, weather forecast, flight plan, etcetera.),
  • Load control, weight and balance calculations.
  • Transmission and reception of all operational messages, notification of all loaded units.
  • Communication and engagement between airplane and ground services.

Representation and Supervision Services

  • Making payments and/or issuing guarantees on behalf of the airlines to related authorities such as airport authorities, customs, immigration, etcetera. And all services provided or listed above as per respective contracts.
  • Establishing and maintaining contact with local authorities in the name of the airline company.
  • Preparing, transmitting and filing reports, statistics, documents, etcetera related to flights.
  • Hotel accommodation reservation service.
  • Crew town transportation with professional escorting.

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