From unruly and incapacitated passengers to emergency stops and mile-high flights, commercial flights have never been more unpredictable. Join us as we explore some of the most bizarre and shocking passenger stories on commercial flights.

Bizarre & Weird moments during the flight

Emotional support for passengers… what?

Cat looking out of a plane window

An emotional support animal (ESA) provides comfort and support to its companion. Who may suffer from a range of physical or emotional issues? And since flying can increase stress levels for some passengers. ESAs are often allowed out of the hold and into the cabin to accompany them during the flight. These animals are typically dogs and sometimes cats. However, one flight attendant who suspected a passenger of having an unauthorized ESA on board discovered he was petting none other than a squirrel. Emotional support… squirrel.

ESA stories are commonplace on commercial flights. One former pilot told Reader’s Digest one of the most bizarre stories yet. A passenger bringing his emotional support dog into the cabin with him. Then declared that the German shepherd required its own emotional support dog: a toy poodle mix. Such a request was previously unheard of but was approved nonetheless.

The thought of flying without your pets is enough to keep many people on the ground. But this isn’t something to worry about when traveling by private jet charter. Just make sure your furry friends have their passport ready.

A sleepwalking nightmare

a femal passenger sleeping on a plane

Shortly after a flight departed from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, a passenger started to panic as she believed her husband was missing. The bewildered crew cross-checked passenger names and searched the aircraft for the husband. Until the woman abruptly snapped out of her agitated state to discover she had been sleepwalking. Her husband was found safely on board and the pair returned to their seats.

Sleeping is a great way to pass the time when flying. Should you start sleepwalking on board a private jet charter. Rest assured you’ll be safe in the confines of your spacious cabin under the watchful eye of the aircraft’s attentive staff.

Flight 3411

In 2017, cellphone footage emerged of 69-year old Dr David Dao being forcibly removed from United Airlines flight 3411 to make room for additional staff. The incident, which occurred on an overbooked flight from Chicago to Kentucky and left the passenger with several injuries, sparked international outrage. United Airlines accepted full responsibility and paid damages to the Vietnamese-American doctor.

You can avoid overbooked flights by chartering your own private jet, giving you all the space you need and a guaranteed seat.

Eruption disruption

A flight over the Philippines nearly ended in disaster after inaccurate warning systems failed to recognize how close the commercial airliner was to a volcano’s ash cloud. According to the pilot, after the aircraft flew past the cloud, ash got stuck in one of the engine’s propellers and solidified, causing a mechanical failure. Luckily, the pilot managed to land the plane safely. Following which passengers were horrified to see the volcanic ash had turned the aircraft a blackish-grey.

Private jet charters with Air Charter Service can be re-routed at short notice to avoid a natural disaster such as the ash cloud.

Traveling by private jet charter comes with many benefits. Along with the advantages included above. Private charter passengers enjoy reduced boarding times and delays, access to exclusive airport lounges and spacious and luxurious cabins.




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