The Boeing 767X was between a Boeing 747 and a Boeing 767. It had 2 decks and carried three hundred passengers. It had been the proper compromise that might haven’t flown. However if it had been engineered by Boeing, would it not are successful? Let’s explore this different world.

What was the Boeing 767X?

Boeing has left some pretty crazy styles on the table:

  • A non-supersonic Concorde jet that would fly 2 hundredth quicker than a traditional plane.
  • A miniature 747 that appears rather absurd.
  • A pre-A380 double-deck craft that would carry nearly 800 individuals.

But none has been as strange or wacky because the Boeing 767X, or known as with fondness, the Boeing 767 Hunchback.

The Eighties style had a really distinct feature of getting a second level at the rear of the plane, that was truly a 757 second ‘glued’ onto the highest of the 767 wide-body aircraft body. The idea was born from the will to possess a bigger capability craft, while not having to revamp the body. So the team of Boeing engineers would prod, poke and stretch the frame to its limit.

This version of the 767X would be a fast and simple capability extension to the craft line, while not having to develop a wholly new assembly line.

It would have slotted within the 767 family because the biggest variant.

Why it was never built?

Well, for one factor, Boeing wasn’t certain if it may even fly. With a heavier aft section than the front (like the Boeing 747), it’d have needed much more power to require off. Boeing didn’t precisely have the foremost powerful engines compared to these days, and this version of the 767 would have had all the disadvantages of a trijet while not the additional power boost.

Additionally, we have a tendency to don’t acumen passengers would have gotten between the amount, and just in case of emergency, however they might evacuate.

In the end, Boeing spoke their mantra that “if it doesn’t look right it won’t fly right” and shelved the planning, in step with Aviation Week.

The design of a bigger Boeing 767 would eventually evolve into what we all know because the 777 these days, with engineers deciding to merely plan a bigger body from the bottom up.

Who would have flown it?

It would are picked up by significant 767 primarily based fleets, like Delta, WHO required additional capability while not compromising on what they dear regarding the 767. as a result of it’d are identical kind rating because the traditional 767, pilots would are ready to fly the craft while not having to retrain or be to boot qualified.

Additionally, Boeing had high hopes that a 767X variant would replace the 767 and also the 747 (now fifteen years old).

We would have seen different carriers across the planet obtain the craft, however with rising fuel prices and a declining marketplace for the 767 (which would get replaced by the 787 in an exceedingly few years), it’s seemingly the planning wouldn’t are terribly self-made.

In the end, as a result of the planning was therefore ‘ugly’ and Boeing required a number of additional years to good the idea, airlines affected on.



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