The aviation world looks to continuously surprise United States with varied strange items serving specific functions. This time we’ve decided to concentrate on the windsocks that are utilized in aviation. Let’s find out more concerning this mysterious tool together.

To start with, windsocks are typically placed at runways. They comprises a taped cone-like sleeve that catches the motion of air and pivots to point the direction of wind and its velocity. The cone allows the wind to enter the big end and the tapered end points away from the origin of the wind.

All the data provided by the windsock is vitally important. It helps pilots to make decisions whereas landing or taking off.

However, white and orange stripes on windsocks aren’t simply decorations! actually the stripes indicate the purpose windsocks are designed for! usually they’re created in bright colours to be visible even from a far off area.
Windsocks knots

Therefore, it’s helpful to understand what the strips mean in the Windsocks:

the primary stripe indicates a three knot breeze;
the second stripe indicates a six knot wind;
the third stripe indicates a nine knot wind;
the fourth stripe indicates a twelve knots;
the last stripe indicates fifteen knots or stronger wind;
just in case the windsock is missing – don’t tempt your fate and leave the airport as soon as possible!

Aviation world is really filled with totally different weird things. However, every single object, that even looks to serve no purpose, counts. Every sign indicated by a windsock it save thousands of lives. Incredible, isn’t it?

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