With the first Boeing 777X now rumored to be taking a test flight on June 26th. The aviation industry is becoming more excited by the minute about this latest release by Boeing. But what’s so good about the plane.

Last week, Boeing said that the first test flight of the 777X would take place on the 21st June. However, CEO Muilenburg admitted that this was the start of a ‘window’ for the test flight. Warning that it could be as late as early July before it actually happened.

It now seems there is a slightly firmer date in the calendar, as Emirates CEO Tim Clark revealed at the IATA AGM in Seoul this week. Although Emirates is not the launch customer for the 777X (that’s Lufthansa, by the way), they are expected to be one of the first to receive their 777X.

Those wings

With a wingspan of up to 71.8m, the 777X is set to become the third generation of the Boeing lineup. Sitting on the tarmac, it’s going to be quite a sight to behold, and unlike anything else that world-weary travelers will be used to seeing.

The massive engines

The 777-9, the first of the X family to be released, featuring the largest engines ever seen on an aircraft. With their position beneath those epic carbon fiber wings. The whole picture will certainly be a sight for sore eyes.

Lower fares, possibly?

Boeing estimates the 777X to be, on average, 10% cheaper to operate than the A350-1000. Their website states that the 777-8 will offer 4% lower operating costs, and the 777-9 up to 11% lower costs. They also say it will be 12% more fuel efficient.

While manufacturer statements need to be taken with a pinch of salt until real-world testing takes place, this is an interesting notion to consider. If it is indeed true, an overall lower operating cost could see the price of long haul flying driven down, as well as keeping airlines in a profitable state of affairs.

Passenger experience

Probably the most exciting element of the 777X for any regular flyer will be the superb passenger experience on offer. Although individual airlines will have their own specifications for seating products and cabin layouts. We already know that Boeing has taken much of the comfort technology from the Dreamliner and applied it to the 777X too.

Add to this the massive range of the 777X, making trips like New York to Auckland, Dubai to Buenos Aires and London to Honolulu an easy hop. And the options for travel are wide open too. We can’t wait to see the first 777X make its test flight and to see which routes it will serve.

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